It is Wednesday August 30,2017 and for the first time, the rain has stopped falling over Houston since last Friday. There are no words to describe just how bad things are right now. There are thousands who have lost everything. The best I can do is use my skills to help the people of this area. Over the next months I will be volunteering for the Texas Bar to lend my time and experience to those in need. As things get organized, what I can do right now while the rescue and recovery efforts are just underway is to get you some initial information on getting your personal recovery started.

Federal Aid This is the main federal portal for disaster relief. This is the first place for you to start. By filling in your basic documentation, it will allow you to start you claims for FEMA assistance and other federal aid you might be eligible for. Unfortunately, the declared emergency areas have not been update since landfall in Corpus Christi last friday, so you may be delayed in your ability to This is the government’s general Hurricane Harvey information site. If you are still in need of emergency services, please call 911.

Texas State Aid

Texas Workforce Commission:  This is the page for disaster related unemployment benefits. In Texas, it is illegal to force someone to come into work during an hazardous natural emergency or to fire them for the same thing. In fact, the AG’s office will force your employer to pay your unemployment benefits if they are found to in violation.Use this site to apply for benefits. Try to have as much documentation as you can to back up your claim. They have rejected people after granting benefits in the past and will require you to pay the state back if they do so again.

Texas State Disaster Assistance: This is the main portal for Texas disaster relief. As you can tell, it is mostly an information page with basic resources on how to contact other people. Our State doesn’t give out much emergency aid on its own as a part of the general pattern of ignoring the needs of its own citizens.

If you have any questions, or need help with getting started on your forms, feel free to contact me by text or call at (281) 318-1277. Regardless, I will be happy to help with your initial forms or general questions about aid pro bono.

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